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Our full service, state of the art facility is designed to deliver personalized holistic health and beauty treatments while our excellent customer service adds a regal touch to the whole visit. No matter the purpose, thrill yourself as we pamper you with our luxurious facial massages or let our hair stylists and makeup artists’ leave you feeling glamorous.

Body Massage

Come and enjoy a full body relaxing massage in my comfortable surroundings in Dubai. I am from Thailand and I am a qualified therapist and have been practising for a number of years in Thailand. We specialise in Thai oil massage using light and medium strokes that awaken the body's natural healing system and deeply relaxes.

Oil Body Massage

will also offer a standard oil massage on paper, yet accompanied or followed by a few less traditional non-standard extras like a balls massage, a hand or a blow job, possibly even more?If that’s the kind of massage you’re looking for, you’re advised to always go for an oil an oil massage, this could be a first suggestion that she may extend her services to a little hand relief.











Meet Our Massage Team

We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to do what ever it takes to help you achieve your goals
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Level 6

BUPPHA to make her clients feel at ease. Her treatments, which are designed individually, are effective, efficient and you will leave feeling much better than when you walked in. Clients have commonly reported feeling taller, having less pain, more range of motion and better sense of body awareness after receiving a session from her

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Level 6

she worked on a team with physical therapists, Pilates and yoga instructors. Her approach to massage first looks at the whole body and posture, then focuses in on specific areas. Her clients appreciate her deep touch, thorough specific work, and intuition along with many years of experience treating injuries and chronic issues.

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Level 5

in deep tissue work combined with passive/active movement, with special attention to how posture affects our overall health and well being. Modalities often incorporated are: myofascial release, trigger-point therapy, and Swedish massage in addition to breath work. Always with an open mind, Zoe welcomes a diverse clientele.

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Level 4

She believes in the body’s ability to heal itself and that massage therapy is one of the many paths to restoring health and wholeness to the body. She is also a strong supporter of self care. Breanne’s continuing education plans include the completion of the second level of craniosacral therapy training and certification in pregnancy and infant massage.